TfP Composting Toilet

The TFP Composting Toilet employs a combination of proven technologies including urine diversion and the rotating composting drum.


Design Features

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Underneath the toilet seat is a system for turning your unsanitary waste into clean compost that you can use to fertilize the land around you. This simple system does not require chemicals or plastic bags to separate your waste or a complex plumbing system you would need to call in for service. Ease of use and repair is fundamental for the sustainability of this toilet.

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Chamber 1: Rotating Drum

The first chamber your solid waste will travel to is the rotating drum which will actively decompose organic waste. There is a layer of dried organic material already inside. Commonly used is coconut coir, which is the hard fibrous material of the coconut. After every use, you would rotate the drum clockwise with the rotating rod at the front of the toilet to aerate and mix. You do this just like you would flush the toilet after each use. But to actually flush/ empty the drum, you would pull the flush mechanism to unlock the drum and rotate the drum counterclockwise to open the drum door and empty into the second chamber. Every 2 weeks, with normal usage by two adults, some of the waste in the drum needs to be emptied into the finishing drawer (Chamber 2) by turning the drum counterclockwise.


Chamber 2: Finishing Drawer

The second chamber enables further aerobic decomposition passively. You allow it to sit for a further 6 weeks after release from the rotating drum. Then you open the door at the front of the step-up, and pull out the finishing drawer. The waste inside the drawer is ready to be buried in your yard. If you purchased an extra Finishing Drawer, you can also put the included lid on top of the used one to store for longer composting after replacing the drawer with an empty one. We recommend burying a foot under ground with a layer of wood ash, charcoal ash, or agricultural lime on top of the compost (this is to further dry it out & raise the pH which kills the pathogens thereby disinfecting the waste).


TFP Composting Toilet


Step Stool

The step stool is for kids to place their feet on or adults to get their feet up like a "Squatty Potty" - comes free with purchase of the TFP Composting Toilet.


TFP Composting Toilet with Step Stool in Place