Renewable Materials

Our toilet is constructed with high-density polyethyle (HDPE), a type of plastic lumber, manufactured from renewable and recyclable resources. The maker of our material is a member of the US Green Building Council. Used milk jugs are remade into this highly durable long-lasting material. We are proud to be part of a Cradle to Cradle cycle.

Sustainable waste management

The aerobic degradation process used by composting toilets enable the clean and environmentally sustainable management of human waste without the need for single use products (eg plastic liners and bags) or energy/water expenditure.


Off-grid? Remote? Traveling?

No problem. This is the best toilet solution for those situations. That is how the design came about in the first place! You will not need to rely on sewage systems or routine septic system maintenance. It is a self-contained system. Our toilets can also be flat-packed for easy transport anywhere in the world - either shipped or as luggage.

Easy Maintenance with off-the shelf parts

If needed, maintenance is also a breeze since it was made to utilize parts found most anywhere in the world at the local hardware store. If you have any trouble fixing or changing something, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to find a solution.