What our Customers Have to Say

 “The TFP that I bought is working perfectly for my off grid home. It's a simple yet efficient way for me to have a inside toilet and do away with my outhouse. No smell, ease of use and very easily maintained.  I would very highly recommend this system for anyone that needs a efficient way to dispose of waste. The manufacture support is fantastic. I use 1/2 cup of sawdust after every use and have no smell and have not even used the exhaust fan... don't think I need more than the vent.” Mike R., VT


“I feel good about using my waterless toilet.  Composting is the way to go.  I have an outhouse near my airbnb campsites, allowing renters to camp by the brook, knowing they are pooping conscientiously and without contaminating the mountain water. I highly recommend this composting toilet.” Margaret M., VT

 “We are very happy with our composting toilet. It’s sturdy and simple, and seems it will last for years. Uses no water!  No smell at all when the fan is running. Marine grade plastic is very durable and works well for our woodsy camp site in St. John, US Virgin Islands!” Karen V., Saint John, Virgin Islands

“The Tinkler (pee toilet designed for women) has been working great.  We have had a lot of people (women mostly) happy that they did not need to use the smelly porta potty.  We have it plumbed directly into the top of our grey water sump and there have been no issues with freezing in the winter or odors in the summer.  Thank you for the great product!” Ben, S., ID

Comments from renters that stayed at an Airbnb that has a TFP Composting Toilet ( in most cases it was the first time they ever used a composting toilet)


“The composting toilet was great! We thought it might smell but it didn’t!” Meg C., England

 “The composting toilet is pretty cool and easy to use.” Lindsey H., NY

“The composting toilet was really not a big deal and there was no smell.” Lindsay D., NH

 “If anybody is worried about the whole compost toilet deal DON'T BE. They really are very easy to use and honestly there's not a HUGE difference between them versus a flushing toilet except saving water.” Stephanie M., NY

 “The composting toilet is a different experience, but totally fine.” Sarah L., MA

 “Make note that the toilet is a rustic waterless composting one, which was totally fine to use.” Mimi T., NJ

 “The composting toilet for me wasn't an issue. I love that it is eco friendly.” Natalia B., Greece

 “Composting toilet takes a little getting used to but no issues as far as odors are concerned.” Brian M., NY

 “We appreciated the environmentally friendly bathroom.” Kate B. VT

Comments from non-profit partners TFP has worked with in Developing Countries

Jason and Natividad copy.jpeg

I have worked with countless organizations over the years, but few have the drive, experience, professionalism, and knowledge to carry out their objectives, and see a project from start to finish with positive results.  Toilets for People is one of the best, and we have seen the incredible results and positive impact of their dedication and work installing these life-changing composting toilets.” Patty Webster, President – Amazon Promise

“TfP was very professional. They made it easy to organize the composting toilets project for our school. We really appreciated their capacity to adapt and create from what was already available. The toilets have been heavily used and still work great. It is such a good option for areas who have limited water and no sewage system.” Marie-Anne Pereira, Gospel Haiti

“TfP had a very unique and important role especially in 3rd world countries where access to water is limited. In our area, where water is very scarce, toilets are a real problem. We had been researching for a while to find an appropriate solution. Jason and his team came and built the TfP toilet system and also took the time to train locals on how to build those themselves. We are going on our 3rd year using the TfP toilets at our school and it this has truly made a great improvement to the hygiene program we offer. They answer all our needs with little maintenance. Thank you TfP!” Arun Pereira, Gospel Haiti