TfP vs...

Know your options and learn why the TfP composting toilet might just be the loo for you.


Conventional Flush Toilet

This is the model you grew up with and are most comfortable using but is it the best option? Most flush toilets within the USA use 2.6 gallons to 1.5 gallons of clean water with each flush. Your waste than travels through the plumbing to a sewage system and then eventually to a treatment plant. A far and multi-leveled system for managing something as simple as your waste. If you do not have connections to a sewage system then its to the septic tank which requires regular maintenance from an external company. Then there is the need to call in experts when your plumbing acts up. If you live in a coastal town or an area susceptible to natural events, a back up composting toilet might be a good idea if a big storm or other natural disasters affect your municipal systems.

Dry toilet

This is an option for consideration by many tiny-home and traveling houses. It advertises virtually zero interaction with your waste. Users, however, have found that even with the vaccuum-sealed foil liners and outer plastic bag liners, leakages occur and "flush fails" leave odorous remainders. When leaks occur, you will still have to clean up the combined wet and solid waste from the bin. Even without failures, this system relies on single use foil and plastic bag liners that do not decompose, must be replaced, and adds to the landfill. Perhaps an option for those squeamish with waste and do not mind adding to environmental strain.

Portable Toilets

These are the ones you find at public events, construction sites, and parks. These require weekly maintenance and use of the familiar "blue liquid deodorizer". This mixture of chemical aims to cut down on the odors but does nothing to sanitize your waste. Eventually that waste will be dumped with the deodorizing chemicals. Although there are deodorizers that now try to include less chemicals, some still use formaldehyde.

DIY 5-Gal Bucket

This is a great start model and the base of the composting toilet technology. But we bring a level of comfort, ease of maintenance , hygiene, and are much less odorous than your standard DIY. Furthermore, our model is easy to setup and all parts are included.

Other Composting toilets on market

Now, we know there are many options out there. Many tried and true tested models, but no two chamber model as compact as ours. We have the added convenience of repair parts that can be found in most hardware stores in the country...and even most areas around the world! That is the main reason we look so distinctive. Our composting toilet design came about so we can quickly make it in any part of the world with the resources available to us. With your purchase, you will become part of a community of people working to get toilets just like yours to families around the world. Read about our story here.