Toilets for People (TFP) - Designers & Makers of Waterless, Self-Contained Composting Toilets.

TFP provides an affordable, sustainable and ecological toilet solution to those living off-grid in cabins, tiny houses, boats and RVs. We also provide toilet solutions to organizations working in community development and disaster relief.

In addition, TFP has an affiliated non-profit foundation that offers on-location toilet fabrication and training services to partner organizations and local craftsmen to bring this toilet technology to those most in need.

Our signature product, the TFP Composting Toilet, uses a proven composting technology, urine diversion and a ventilation kit to produce a toilet that is comfortable, odorless and easy to maintain. 

The TFP Composting Toilet comes fully assembled & ready to install. Discover it for yourself.


                           TfP Composting Toilet: All the Parts

                           TfP Composting Toilet: All the Parts

TfP Composting Toilet: Comes Fully Assembled & Ready to Install

  • Easy Installation: takes 1 hour to install using hand tools and a drill.

  • Compact: 18.25" wide x 27.5" long x 29.5" high (seat height from the top of step is 19.5"the same as a standard flush toilet, height of the step is 10.5" from ground).

  • Odorless: equipped with a ventilation fan that can be plugged in or run off a small, solar-powered battery.

  • High Capacity: 7.5-gallon rotating composting drum plus 6.3-gallon compost tray. Good for 100 uses before needing to be emptied (once every 2 months based on full time usage by 2 adults).

  • Easy Maintenance: compost material is collected in a container with a lid which is removed from the front. Urine is collected in a container in the back.

  • Waterless: no need for connection to any plumbing systems.

  • Comfortable, Standard Toilet Seat: uses a standard toilet seat to maximize comfort and for easy swap-out if customer prefers an alternative toilet seat.

  • Made of Off-the-Shelf Materials: making it easy to source extra containers or any spare parts.

  • Built from Recycled Plastic: components constructed from marine-grade, recycled plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) making it a long-lasting sustainable product.

  • Converts Human Waste into Dry Compost: using a two-stage, proven process that includes aerobic composting and then drying out of the waste. 

  • Made in USA.

  • $895 (free shipping in continental USA) - Delivery within 30 days from the date of purchase.

  • If you are an NGO or business interested in shipping toilets outside the USA, please go to our wholesale provider for a free quote.

  • If you are an individual interested in shipping a toilet outside the USA, please contact TFP directly for a free quote.